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  • sim·​pa·​ti·​co: adjective: (of a person) likable and easy to get along with; having or characterized by shared qualities or interests; compatible. "a simpatico relationship"

 Shop—Coming Soon!

 Shop—Coming Soon!



Our Principles


Simpatico believes that what you surround yourself with not only expresses who you are, but also has the power to transform—your home, your mindset, your life. From the curated items in the shop to our tailored design services, our mission is to inspire you to create surroundings that feed your mood, your motivation or your memories (better yet, all three!). 


Where things come from and how they’re made matters, now more than ever. Because they’re not just things, after all, they’re a part of a story. They’re part of our story. And we believe we have a responsibility to be thoughtful and transparent about what we’re putting out into the world if we want that story to stand the test of time.


We believe every product, painting and piece of furniture has a story. Vintage, handmade or connected to a cause, these are what turn the everyday into everlasting. Because being able to truly appreciate the things you surround yourself with, from a simple everyday tool to a treasured memento, makes every purchase and space that much more meaningful. We say, use the fine china for Taco Tuesday!

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