Handspun Merino Wool Knee Socks

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Keep your feet toasty year-round with these handmade socks by our master artisan partners that are made from virgin merino wool that they clean, card and spin by hand on a traditional drop spindle. Naturally breathable in both cold and warm weather, water-repellent, durable, stretchy, and resistant to stains, odours and wrinkles, these textiles are perfect to wear inside winter boots or for relaxing at home.

Our artisan partners have been working with wool for generations. Their home workshop in Southern Mexico offers the family space to collaborate on wool pieces that are made on backstrap and standing loom, as well as knitting, crochet and woodwork.

Approximately 25cm long x 45cm long

Fits feet sizes women’s 7 - 9 and men’s sizes 6 - 8

These pieces should be wiped clean with a dry cloth, or spot cleaned by hand where necessary with mild detergent and cold water. To deep clean, soak overnight in cold water, mild detergent, wring and hang to dry. Our socks have been pre-washed. Do not clean these pieces in the washing machine, or put in the dryer, or the socks will shrink and finishes may warp.