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Quemida Beeswax Candle



Quemida Beeswax Candle

Add some warm ambience to your space with these slow made pottery candleholders that feature unique markings from the pit fire process, and a textured surface in the perfect neutral of peachy blush. Created from local clay with traditional artistry, these vessels are filled with hand-poured white beeswax, along with a cotton wick, which makes for a long-lasting, clean-burning candle that has virtually no scent, and cleans the atmosphere by releasing negative ions into the air. The burn time is approximately 30 hours, and once the wax is gone, these pottery cups can be cleaned out and used for serving salsa, snacks or even for housing a little cactus. Given the making process, these pieces vary in size, hue, shape and detail – elements that are not flaws, but a testament to the wabi-sabi nature of handmade.
Our award-winning master artisan partner has been producing custom pottery works for over 37 years. While her mother showed her the basics of working with clay, she is self-taught, and divides her time between creating her masterpieces, and teaching art at a local school. These pottery works are a crucial element to the local culture in her community and have been made in the region for thousands of years. Every custom work is created with local clay, then slowly pit fired over the span of six hours – a process that results in durable, elegant works that are supreme examples of Mexican artistry.
The master artisans that produce our candles have been doing so for three generations in their family workshop. Famed for their ornate traditional beeswax candles with natural dyes, this family also constantly strives to develop new designs that speak to a contemporary audience on a worldwide basis. They pour every candle by hand, and create decorative pieces that are made entirely by hand. In addition to their candles, they also produce handwoven wool rugs and other vibrant tapestries.
In total, these candles help to provide a positive stream of income to two indigenous Zapotec artisan families in two different communities in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Approximately 7cm wide x 9cm tall
During the first burn, leave the flame going long enough that the top surface of the candle is completely covered in liquid wax from edge to edge – at least ½ cm deep. This will help to prevent tunnelling, and also set the memory of the candle to burn evenly in future. Be sure to keep the wick trimmed to just over ½ cm and trim the wick every 4 - 5 hours of burn time. This will encourage a longer burn time, and also deter black smoke and soot.

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