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Nudos Handwoven Bucket Bag



Nudos Handwoven Bucket Bag

- Handmade by an artisan family in Oaxaca, Mexico
- Made with a technique called ‘nudo mixteco’ which is sturdier as a piece than regular weave,
but much more time consuming to produce
- Nudo means knot in Spanish
- This bag features a lid that is attached through the hand strap, so that you won’t lose it
- It can be carried as a handbag, on the wrist, or used as a storage basket at home
- Will naturally darken with exposure to the sun
- To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth
- These pieces are made by a family of weavers
- While others in their villages have moved to working with plastic, since it’s cheaper, more
resilient and easier to weave with, they have stuck it out as the last family in their community
to work with palm
- Due to the hot temperatures in Oaxaca, palm artisans who are lucky enough to have them
work in caves, in order to better control temperatures
- This family doesn’t have a cave on their property, so they usually wake up at 3am to start
working and weave until around 10am, or whenever the heat gets to be to hot and dry
- This means that orders need to be planned far in advance, particularly during certain times of
the year
- They also make the hat sample that I sent you, but unfortunately, they won’t be able to fulfill
another order of those until around September or later
- As it’s really hard to plan orders with them, I am going to try out other hat and bag makers for
next yea

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