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Media Luna Handwoven Tree Bark Basket



Media Luna Handwoven Tree Bark Basket

- Made by a democratic collective of 12 women
- The materials used are hand-gathered wood and tree bark from the jonote tree
- The wood is cut and shaped by hand, then the tree bark is rolled on the calve into string
- Next, the string is woven onto the base in various patterns
- The braid design on the bottom of the Luna baskets are to ensure that the bottom is stronger
- Luna basket is good for storing light items, but nothing heavy like a large plant or it may sag
- Simply hang from a ceiling or shelf to use the Luna basket
- The Nenes basket is made to carry babies, and has been used since pre-Hispanic times
- The strap of the Nenes basket is placed on the forehead, and babies are worn on the back
- This lets the parent tend to their chores while keeping their baby safe
- Nenes basket can be hung on wall to display dried grasses, magazines or simply as art piece
- It can also be carried over the shoulder or across the body as a market basket
- Strap is adjustable
- Nene means ‘baby’ in Spanish
- The mini Nenes baskets are used to carry baby Jesus dolls to and from church for blessings at
certain times of the year
- These pieces are organic, eco-friendly and pay tribute to traditional Mexican culture
- Clean with damp cloth and warm water, no harsh scrubbers, no bleach
- After cleaning, hang in a dry location to dry the piece
- The wood and tree bark are gathered by hand by the men in the families of these women
- These particular trees have both a white and red variety, hence the difference in the colour of
the pieces
- The men help to make the frames, along with stripping, bending and nailing the pieces into
their required shapes
- As these are natural materials and the pieces are made by hand, there will be some variations
between the pieces

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