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Large Weave Maguey Mesh Bag w Leather Strap



Large Weave Maguey Mesh Bag w Leather Strap

- Handmade in the highlands of Southern Mexico from natural agave string
- The string is made by hand
- The material is first stripped from the agave plant, washed and then pulled into very fine
strands, it’s then counted per strand and rolled on the thigh to desired thickness
- The weaving process is done on a wooden board wit nails on both end, using a process similar
to hammock making
- Once the long flat piece is complete, it’s sewn together with the same agave string to make a
functional bag
- The top of the bag is done in a braided design that’s made from the same agave string with a
crochet hook
- The straps are made from hand cut leather that is a natural by-product of local meat industry
- The leather is dried in the sun, then stripped on a long board of wood with a machete
- After this, it is cut to the desired size
- This is a rustic leather that is typical to this region
- Given the process, it’s natural for there to be marks, scratches and discolorations on the
leather, as it is not a fine leather product
- This is the same type of leather and process that has been used in this region for these straps
for generations
- These bags are made in varying thicknesses of string, with the extra fine weave bags taking an
astonishing 4 – 5 weeks a piece to make a bag this size
- These particular bags are the thickest weave that you can find in the region, and the artisans
can usually make 2 – 3 bags a week
- They’re usually made by families, so that they can partner up to complete larger orders
- This is typically not a full-time craft, with these bags usually being made after the artisan’s full
day of working in the fields
- The bags can be cleaned by wiping them with a dry cloth, when required, they should not be
washed or dried in a machine
- These are the same bags that we use to dye our pink bags with natural cochineal dye
- The straps should be sprayed with weather protector to keep the pieces from staining if they
get wet
- The straps will naturally darken with sun exposure and use, and can also be darkened further
by rubbing simple vegetable cooking oil into the surface
- The bags are made by both men and women, with our youngest partner being 44 years old
and the oldest being 94 years old

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