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Large Handmade Cylinder Vase - Black Glaze



Large Handmade Cylinder Vase - Black Glaze

The large handmade cylinder vase is just the right size for two dozen or more roses. We were able to fit 18 sunflowers with their thick stems for a bright summer arrangement.

Suitable for a contemporary interior with a focus on minimalism or farmhouse chic and country simplicity. This vase is a true chameleon that looks different in every environment.

For a secondary use, it also makes a wonderful utensil crock or wine chiller.

Measures approximately 8.5" high. Each vase is completely handmade and as such will vary slightly from the vase in the photo.

The interior is fully glazed and the exterior glaze is dipped approximately 3/4 of the way down allowing the natural beauty of the clay to show at the base.

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