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Ivory Buena Vida Crocheted Cotton Bag



Ivory Buena Vida Crocheted Cotton Bag

- Handmade by our artisan partner with 100% cotton and a crochet hook
- Made with the same cotton that is used locally to make hammocks
- Her family are artisans, as well, and historically they were/are hammock makers
- Her grandfather used to make hammocks out of handmade agave string
- Our artisan’s parents wanted her to concentrate on school instead of working as an artisan
- When she was 6 years old, she’d watch her family work through the door after school
- She used to sneak material in her bedroom to work on her own projects after school
- She is now in her 50s, works as an artisan, and a full-time job in an arts collective store
- Bags can be dry cleaned, washed by hand or in washing machine in cold water on gentle cycle
(they may shrink some if washed in water, just a heads up)
- Do not put these bags in the dryer or they will shrink, lay them flat to dry instead
- Available in cream or black (you ordered cream only)
- The wool tassels are handmade from commercially made Mexican wool
- The tassels are a side project that we developed with another family to help them raise money
- Money for expensive medical treatments for their young daughter with developmental issues
- Tassels can be washed by hand in cold water, lay flat to dry, no washing machine or dryer
- These pieces are all our design and made exclusively for our stock, along with our stockists

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