Handmade Oaxacan Green Onyx Bowl

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- Handmade in Southern Mexico by an artisan family who also work on larger sculptural works
like fountains, arches and so on
- The white and orange onyx is from the state of Puebla, while the green onyx is from Oaxaca, Mexico
- The pieces are cut and polished by hand using machines in their home workshop
- As every piece is made by hand, the sizes vary a little
- As the stone is a natural material, the pattern and color of every piece varies, with no two being the same
- The pieces are food safe
- They should be washed by hand in warm soapy water
- Avoid harsh chemicals or scrubbers
- Do not wash these pieces in the dishwasher as it will destroy them
- Though they are made from stone, they are fragile and will break if dropped