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Handmade Quemada Bule Bud Vase



Handmade Quemada Bule Bud Vase

Spring blooms are twice as lovely when placed in this handmade pottery vase. These vessels are modeled after a type of Mexican gourd – known locally as bule. Bule are used to store water, and are typically carried with a handmade maguey strap, known as a mecate. These pottery works are unglazed, and are therefore porous and filter water. Given this, they will develop a lovely patina over time. They can be paired with a small dish, in order to protect surfaces. Artisan Our award-winning master artisan partner has been producing custom pottery works for over 37 years. While her mother showed her the basics of working with clay, she is self-taught, and divides her time between creating her masterpieces, and teaching art at a local school. These pottery works are a crucial element to the local culture in her community and have been made in the region for thousands of years. Every custom work is created with local clay, then slowly pit fired over the span of six hours – a process that results in durable, elegant works that are supreme examples of Mexican artistry. In addition to pottery, this community is also well known for natural dyes, embroidery work and their brass bands. Dimensions Approximately 12cm wide x 14cm tall Care Hand wash, and do not place in the dish washer or microwave. These pieces are food safe, however care should be taken to not place anything greasy inside or they may stain. They are meant for holding water, however as the pieces are unglazed, natural pottery, they will sweat. We would suggest placing a protective plate under the piece initially. With time and use, the piece will eventually develop a lovely patina due to the water filtration.

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