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Handmade One-of-a-kind Fine Tooth Hair Comb



Handmade One-of-a-kind Fine Tooth Hair Comb

- Handmade with rustic tools by artisans who have been working with wood for 2 generations - jacaranda wood is a soft, white, straight grained wood wood that is sourced from local trees that produce gorgeous, trumpet-shaped purple blossoms that come out in the spring - The combs are made with pure granadilla wood (the red toned one) and ebony wood (the two-toned colour combs), both are tropical woods from the coast of Mexico - Colour of the combs varies, as darker wood is older growth on tree, with lighter wood on inside (newer growth) - Spoons and combs should be washed by hand in warm water with no harsh scrubbers or chemicals - No dishwasher, as that method will destroy these pieces - Treat with linseed oil from time to time to keep them conditioned and good for a lifetime - Do not dry them in direct sun light when they are wet, as they may crack - These spoon and fork designs designs are made by this family exclusively for our stock, to our specifications, the comb designs and honey dippers are their own - With proper care, these pieces should last for years - Our artisan partner’s wife has been using her same handmade comb for over 30 years - Combs are finished with a delicate half moon design over the teeth - All are made by our artisan and his brothers, when he needs extra help with orders. They are the kindest, loveliest family you could ever meet.

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