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Handmade Carrizo Drinking Straws



Handmade Carrizo Drinking Straws

- Made by hand from a local river reed that is known as carrizo
- These reeds grow in abundance, some referring to them as pests plants since they grow so quickly and spread so fast in the swampy marshlands
- Given this, the materials are sustainably sourced
- Every bunch of 12 pieces includes six high ball straws, and six straws for old fashioned glasses
- The bunches are wrapped in a corn husk and a natural cotton thread
- The pieces are made by a group in Oaxaca, Mexico, in order to offer a method to decrease pollution, pay a living wage to collaborators, and ensure that the production of these straws is consistent and sustainable
- If you wish to prolong the life of the straws, you can bake them at a low temperature oven
(200 – 225 C) for 20 – 30 minutes
- This toasts the straws and changes their tone to a golden brown, and helps the carrizo to be less porous
- It’s important to allow the straws to dry completely, as this prevents the growth of mold
- If they do mold, the straws can usually be rescued by boiling them in a vinegar solution, then baking them in the oven as described
- With daily use and proper care, the straws can last six months or longer
- Do not wash in dishwashe

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