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Brunido Handmade Barro Hanging Vase



Brunido Handmade Barro Hanging Vase

- Bruñido means burnished in Spanish
- These pieces are made by a master artisan woman who learned her technique in Puebla, Mexico, with all being made exclusively for our collection
- She uses a simple wheel and also forms the pieces by hand
- The colour on the exterior is a type of river mud that produces this sublime colour of blush
- Once the river mud is applied to the exterior, it’s burnished vigorously with a stone really quickly before the colour dries and becomes sticky
- The pieces are then slowly pit fired over the span of four hours
- Once they are fired, they are removed hot from the kiln and cooled in a bucket of water
- The interior of these pieces is coated with beeswax to sheen and also to help the pieces to be less porous
- Wash by hand in warm, soapy water, dry with a towel, and avoid harsh scrubbers, as this will damage the colour and the beeswax finish
- Do not wash these pieces in the dishwasher
- These pieces are made from purely organic materials, are food safe and lead-free
- As they are pit fired, it is natural to see very small chips or marks on the pieces, which really speak to the traditional process
- Size, colour and shapes vary due to the handmade process
- Pieces that were made with this same process were found during excavations of Monte Alban in the Oaxaca valley

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