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Barro Rojo Exfoliating Fish



Barro Rojo Exfoliating Fish

Handmade Barro Exfoliating Fish
- Handmade by an artisan woman in Southern Mexico
- Created from local agricultural earth that is naturally a red hue
- The pieces are created by hand, and with a simple wheel that is essentially a plate on a rock
- After the pieces are formed and dried, they are pit fired for roughly an hour using the same processes that have been in place in this region for hundreds of years
- After the firing is done, the pieces are left overnight in the ashes to cool, and taken out the next day and rinsed in water
- These pieces should not be washed in the dishwasher
- The fish can be used to exfoliate dry skin in the shower or bath, gradually they will break down and break apart (after quite a while of regular use), as they are hollow to keep them fairly light
- The fish can also be used with lime juice in the kitchen to scrub garlic and onion smells from hands while cooking
- They are hung from a loop made from handmade agave string

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