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30 ml Califerne Perfume



30 ml Califerne Perfume

Let’s not romanticize ocean scents too much. I walk my dog on Stinky Beach, and I wouldn’t want to smell like it -- seaweed and funk. But when the scent of a surfer girl’s Coppertone, or an ocean breeze dancing with ozone, or a whiff of wildflowers and dune grass cuts through, it’s ecstasy. Califerne, inspired by a mythical golden island ruled by strong and beautiful Black women, evokes coastal California. It opens with marine: salty ozone and coconut accords, followed by sweet middle notes of frangipani and neroli, and finishes with base notes of musk and vanilla. Highlights: - Paraben-free - Sulfate-free - Cruelty-free - Beach Scent - Made in California - Unisex - Handmade - Small batch Wellness Info: One of the key ingredients in ThereThen’s Califerne is vanilla. Studies show that the smell of vanilla bean helps reduce blood pressure and anxiety.

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