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16x20 Pool Garden Art Print by Noelle Phares



16x20 Pool Garden Art Print by Noelle Phares

Noelle Phares: My initial concept for Pool Garden was a scene that evoked the nostalgia of a backyard pool left untouched for a season as the quick work of biology turned the once manicured space into something more alive and complex. But as it evolved, I brought in more delicate features of both structural and organic natures. It turned into a conservatory pool, made more beautiful and intricate as the flora intended to be kept out by the structure make their way inside. When I see conservatories, I can’t help but think about how the lace-like details of the architecture mimic lacey flora. One of my favorite things about conservatories and greenhouses, really any indoor / outdoor space, is how they enable people to spend time partially outside through all seasons. The world can change drastically outside, but the controlled conditions inside enable lush growth throughout the year.
The original was painted with acrylic, watercolor, and gouache on canvas.

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