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Who knew a bathroom could be SO DANG SEXY

Who knew a bathroom could be SO. DANG. SEXY. “Jealous” does not capture the feelings I have about this bathroom. I WANT IT. And get this - we did this all online. Never set foot in the space. But now I’m seriously wishing I could step foot in that space every single morning. But that might get weird…

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Midcentury Mountain Modern

While gorgeous, this house simply did not match its inhabitants - a young family with a spectacular eye for design who are also all sorts of fun. We updated their entry, living room, reading nook, bedroom, and bathroom. Now the vibes match the residents, and the space feels quite simply "them".


“Chelsea was amazing to work with! She gave us the inspiration, confidence and vision to turn our home into the amazing place we knew we always wanted.”

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A family home need not be #basic

Just cause you got a kid, doesn't mean you can't have style. Starting with an amazing collection of MCM furniture, this family had us style out their living room, consult on the fixtures and finishes for their bathroom and design their primary bedroom in a vibe inspired by the movie "Dune". Yes, you read that right. Stay tuned for more on that side of the house.

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Special Space for a Special Little Lady

Aside from the changing table and the crib, not much in this nursery screams baby. This little lady is being raised in a space that speaks to far more mature themes – textiles, travels and art, all in the most luscious jewel tones usually reserved for swanky restaurants or bold party makeup.  

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Gut Job for a great family

It's not often you get a clean slate when it comes to design! But this was just that - the whole home got taken back to the studs and then rebuilt into a light and bright family haven.


"Chelsea came in & guided myself and my very opinionated husband through the redesign of our entire home during a remodel. She helped us channel our own design sense and guided us with end to end design. From flooring & tile, to fixtures and faucets, and after all that tapestries, bedding & artwork. She's a craftsperson who has attention to detail and who can curate things to bring a design vision to life."

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Living that Luxe Life

This young couple wasn't so into the glass etched saxophone that graced their shower or the dark, dated kitchen enclosed by weird cubicle walls. So we went all out with seriously decadent fixtures and tile and WOW did it pay off. No 80's jazz icons in sight.

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Ready for Renters

A renovation from across the country? No problem. Speaking the same design language and clear communication makes this possible. For this family, they needed a designer with "boots on the ground" to manage finish selections and make sure the kitchen and bathroom in this rental didn't end up builder basic.

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An indoor party pool? Yes, please!

A bar. A sauna. A hot tub. Add in that this couple is super fun and has taste to match, this became an all time favorite. DREAM COME TRUE status.

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"I LOVE LAUNDRY" - soon to be said only by this client ever

Talk about a marriage of function and fashion, this space makes the mundane a lot less "meh". We're turning a drop-zone, utilitarian space into a chic laundry room, mud room and craft space. Yes, making chores cute is possible.

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Must accommodate grandkids on the weekend (but work for cool grandparents during the week)

Must haves: room to accomodate guests (but feel cozy & intimate when it's just us), be light and bright (but fabric must be kid friendly), room to recline (but not look like an old folk's home) CHECK, CHECK and CHECK

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"I knew you wouldn't tell me I had to have an all white kitchen"

We've started a club and it's called "girls in love with dark and moody kitchens". Feel free to apply. This kitchen renovation turned into an office and bathroom renovation and has never stopped being awesome and moody and modern.

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