Styling Services

"We’re renovating our house and I want to start over but I’m paralyzed and overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin."

"I just can’t get my furniture layout right!"

"I need a new dining room table but I can’t find one that is in my budget and fits in my space."

I hear you!

Making a house your home can be hard. Really hard. It’s a space that needs to reflect you yet also be functional. There is often more than one voice chiming in and they aren’t always in harmony. And most of us don’t have unlimited funds to create the instagram-worthy home of our dreams. I can help! 

Whether you need all or just some of the below, let’s talk about your project, your wants, your needs and your dreams. Together, WE GOT THIS.

I can help with any or all of the below:

• Identifying your style
• Styling/restyling an existing space
• Developing mood boards to convey your vision
• Providing shopping lists 
• Drafting floor plan options 
• 3D renderings of your space
• Finding and hiring vendors and partners 
• Managing budgets, vendors and timelines
• Herding the chaos of an install day

We've made the hardest part, getting started, uncomplicated. Simply follow the link to our personalized questionnaire to get the design process rolling!

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Common Questions

I don’t live near the Bay Area. Can we still work together?
YES! Remote design is quite common and probably easier than you think. Nearly everything listed above can be done via calls or email and I can even provide detailed install instructions so you can be sure your vision comes to life exactly how you expect.

I don’t have a huge budget. Can you still help me out? 
You betcha. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a space more joyful and beautiful. I’ve worked on a range of projects - gut jobs all the way down to styling a shelf for a photo. Maybe all you need is to rearrange a few things! We’ll figure it out together.

Do you manage sub-contractors and architects? 
I work with sub-contractors and architects but depending on the scope of the project, I highly recommend a general contractor to ensure the build side of the equation is buttoned up.

Do you have references? 
Of course! I’m happy to provide a list of references that represent the range of my work. 

How do you charge? 
This depends on your specific project needs. We can work by the hour or by the room. We can start with your budget and back into what can be achieved with that number or start with your needs and I’ll provide a quote to meet those needs.

Do you only recommend items from your shop?
The shop is a reflection of my personal style but not the only style I work within. That being said, if there is an item in the shop that I feel fits the project, I’ll bring it to you for consideration. Also, design clients get a VERY SPECIAL design client discount should they choose to purchase the piece for their space!

What’s your design philosophy? 
I believe wholeheartedly that a space that brings you joy can change your life. Sound dramatic? That’s because it is! I don’t believe in designing with expensive pieces or fancy brands just for the sake of it (though they can have their place!). What matters is emotion, function and meaning. What do you want to feel when you walk into the room? How do you live day-to-day in your space and what could function better? What’s the story you want to tell or the vibe you want to give? These are the questions we’ll ask to really define the soul of your home. And when that’s right, you can’t help but smile inside and out. And when you smile, others smile. When we all smile, we create connections and grow our community. And better communities can change the world. See what I mean?? This stuff is powerful!!