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I've heard that of all the senses, scent is the most powerful trigger for memory. Have you ever had that moment when you pass someone in the grocery store, and all of a sudden you're launched back in time to lunch in the food court back in junior high? Let's just say that the smell of AquaNet has surfaced many memories for me, some I treasure and others that I prefer stay in the past.



 Scent is a common theme in the shop (literally everyday I hear: "ohhh, it smells so good in here!"). I'm fond of earthier, muskier scents like sandalwood or even leather but I sneak in coconut or even lilac here and there. That being said, I thought I'd share how I use the power of aromatherapy each day to create a "vibe", as the cool kids say these days.


 I start each morning with a quick meditation, which has dramatically improved my stress response (as well as my marriage!). I've recently carved out a little corner of our upstairs loft for this ritual and while I'm bummed it has no windows or light, I figure my eyes are closed when I mediate so it turns out it's a perfect spot. After yelling to my family "leave me alone, I'm meditating!" (Pearl is the exception, she is welcome to curl up and often does), I pop in my airpods, criss-cross apple sauce in my chair and light a sandalwood incense rope from neighboring store, Mountainside Made. The sandalwood is incredibly grounding and now a trigger to calm my brain in preparation for meditation.



A split image, left side is a bundle of braided incense rope on a ceramic plate.  The right side is a piece of braided incense rope in a stone incense holder next to a bundle of incense rope.
 Mountain Side Made Rope Incense 


 Fast forward to the afternoon, when energy levels typically take a nose dive. After making my 2nd cup of coffee (or 5th, whatever), it's onto my treasured Move Diffuser from Botanic + Luxe filled with an uplifting citrus scent. This diffuser was a splurge for sure but having the ability to transport the power of scent all around the house with me wherever I go is 100% worth it. 


A person holding an essential oil diffuser over its charging base with bottle of essential oil next to it.
 Move Diffuser from Botanic + Luxe




The final phase of my scent journey of course happens at night, during my bedtime ritual that is vital to my sleep health and therefore my entire living, breathing life. This ritual includes my all-time favorite Hibi matches, usually in japanese cypress or oakwood moss scent, along with a quick spritz of the Osea vagus nerve spray on my pillow and headboard. Doing this consistently for months now has created a Pavlov's Dog sorta response in my brain. Match lit + spray spritzed = eyes half closed. It's pure magic and I've even started bringing the matches with me when I travel so that I can keep up my ritual. 


Split Image of Hibi Matches, the left side is a hand placing a match into the box, the right side is the hibi matchbox side by side.
 Hibi Matches from Simpatico 



Some may call this an addiction. I say WHO CARES, there are far worse addictions. Besides, why else would you blow your savings on a brick and mortar store if not to buy pretty smelly things at wholesale? Asking for a friend... 



Osea Vagus Nerve Spray with a plume of mist coming out.
 Vagus Nerve Mist 

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