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Small spaces need not sacrifice style. It only means you need to be a tad bit pickier. Here are some design tips for keeping your small space feeling cool but uncrowded. 

1) Keep the palette TIGHT "But dark colors will make my room seem smaller." Fake news! In fact, dark colors often make spaces feel more expansive. The secret is sticking to a narrow, tonal palette. That can be all neutrals, all greens, or all blues. Play with varying shades but avoid jumping all over the color wheel. You want your eye to breeze across your space in one fell swoop, with no stops due to a color shift. And yes, that means you should paint the ceiling!

a combined image of 3 different living rooms, the first is dark greys and charcoal colors, the middle is blues, the last one is greens.
Sources, Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3


Here's a board showing a range of blues and black pieces that would create a dreamy, moody living room, regardless of the size. 


2) Bring on the texture. Minimalist or monochromatic rooms can often feel a bit, how do I say...MEH. Texture from a boucle chair, fuzzy pillow or linen drape will give the space some visual interest while not disrupting the easy breezy view you learned in tip #1. 

Sources, Photo 1, Photo 2


3) Take your time. In small spaces, each item is hustling harder than in larger rooms that have more opportunities to make an impact. So don't rush! On your phone jot down measurements of the item's max and minimum size, start a pinterest board of inspiration images, keep a photo of the space and what's already in it at the ready, and set alerts on marketplace with your search terms. 

Photo Source 


Out of time? This mood board shows some products we put together for a client with an itty bitty space. Drop us a line here and we can do the same for you, including vintage!

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Sep 08, 2022

I love the tonal color palette idea – bring on all the greens! Would have never thought of that. Great tips, Chels!

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