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The only thing better than a before and after is an "inspired by" visual. So in a shameless attempt to get you all to follow along with this blog, I'll be doing regular posts (cadence TBD) on an image that will inspire a mood board or a room or something home design related. There will even be pieces within the post that you can make your own. Just click on the "simpatico" links and voila! You'll get connected to the item info and if ya like what you see, feel free to add to cart. 


After posting an instagram story poll with three very different images, the "Country Road" was the clear winner.  It was certainly MY favorite but I will say, I woulda lost a bet on this one. I thought for sure you'd want to see the other two reimagined into a room since they were far more colorful and expressive and would have made for super unique spaces. Alas, the people have spoken so here we go! 


Here's what I get from "Country Road": 

  • tonal colors that gently blend from one to another
  • long lines of sight that don't feel harsh or geometric; the lines are inviting and organic
  • warmth and texture that feels like a cozy hug 

How do those concepts translate into a space? Here are a few examples of rooms that I think fit the look and feel. 


Pinterest inspiration sources:

  1. @addybdesign 
  2. @urbanoutfitters 
  3. @amberinteriors

Some of the imagery is a quite literal interpretation (organic materials, similar hues, shadowy lighting) but there are other, more romantic and sensory parallels. Close your eyes and imagine smells, sounds and tactile similarities. Can you feel the sun, smell the grass and hear the dirt crunching under your feet? How about the sound of leather as you sink into a sofa or the scent of piping hot tea as you settle into your desk? The word that comes to my mind is "inviting". I wanna walk that road, work at that desk, lounge on that sofa and yes, even do dishes at that sink. 


But if we were to start fresh, taking all these influences into account, how would this translate into a mood board? 

 Here's my take:  



  1. Wallpaper: Schumacher Haruki Sisal in Blue Grey
  2. Blanket Ladder: Oxford Design 
  3. Chloe Brown Leather Club Chair 
  4. Denver 20" pillow 
  5. Evanesce Ii Art 
  6. Nottaway Bronze Large Chandelier 
  7. Hummingbirds, Set of 6 
  8.  Vintage Wood Coffee Table 
  9. Architectural Digest: The Most Beautiful Rooms in the World 
  10. Woolable Washable Rug
  11. Goldie Sideboard Toasted Acacia 
  12.  Frosted Recycled Glass Vases 
  13.  Earth Wind & Fire Tripod Side Table with White Stone Top 
  14. Boxwood Ball in Pot 
  15.  Montrose Linen Chaise Sofa 
  16. Carmen Ivory Lumbar Pillow with Grey Stripes 
  17. Harold Linen/Silk Throw 
  18. Mackenzie 24" Chartreuse Pillow 
  19. Kennedy 24" Tweed Pillow 



I hope you also feel the warm welcome coming through in both the inspiration art and the imaginary room! Like I said, I'd love to walk that road, work at that desk, or lounge on that sofa. Alas, I'm off to do the dishes. 

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